1. 10:36 26th Apr 2013

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    Wow, you guys. Wow wow wow.

    Moony here. I have been back from the hospital for a few days but my life basically consists of taking medication, sleeping, and having someone help me go to the bathroom. It’s not fun, haha.

    So I have left the auction in Roane’s capable hands, and all I can say is DAMN. Y’all are some incredibly, incredibly generous people. The authors, for stepping up and offering such wonderful stories, and so many of you offering multiple ones; and the bidders, for bidding way above and beyond even my wildest imagination.

    When I had this idea, I genuinely expected maybe ten or twenty people to participate, thought maybe we’d raise a few hundred dollars. I cannot even comprehend the fact that we raised¬†enough to buy a brand-new damn car.

    Considering that the OTW’s projected running costs next year top seventy thousand dollars, I can’t begin to pretend that we’ve single-handedly saved anyone’s bacon here. But together, we have made an enormous difference.

    Way to go, everyone!

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