1. Author List

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    • EASchechter (Sherlock (BBC), Man From UNCLE, Doctor Who, crossovers )
    • Ecarian (Teen Wolf)
    • Eldritchhorrors (Sherlock)
    • Elesteria (Assassin’s Creed, Inception, Avengers, Resident Evil, and more)
    • Ember (Teen Wolf, X-Men, Supernatural, Doctor Who)
    • endquestionmark (Avengers, Luther, Elementary, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and more)
    • enigma731 (Avengers, Haven, House MD, Chicago Fire, X-Files)
    • entangled/eryn (Stargate, Sherlock, Marvel, Skyfall, and more)
    • epeeblade (Avengers, Supernatural, White Collar, RPF)
    • epicionly (Star Trek, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Good Omens, and more)
    • ereshai (Teen Wolf,Avengers, Inception, Zombies)
    • ero0chibi0chan (Xena, Hercules, Supernatural, The Hobbit/LotR, and more)
    • etacanis (Teen Wolf, Generation Kill)
    • Etharei (The Hobbit/LotR, Sherlock, Avengers, Supernatural, and more)
    • EventHorizon (Sherlock (BBC), Cabin Pressure)
    • evol_love (Les Miserables, Harry Potter, Avengers)





    • IAmNotOneOfThem (Skyfall, Sherlock)
    • ice_evanesco (Sherlock, Skyfall, Harry Potter, Cabin Pressure)
    • idyll (Teen Wolf, Warehouse 13, Leverage, Person of Interest, and more)
    • ifeelbetterer (Inception, Avengers, Teen Wolf, Psych, and more)
    • indigostohelit (Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Les Miserables, Cloud Atlas, and more)
    • Inkandash (Bones, Marvel, Mass Effect, Haven, and more)
    • irite (Avengers)
    • ishougen (Skyfall, Sherlock, Cloud Atlas, Doctor Who, and more)
    • ivycross (Star Trek, Marvel, Supernatural)


    • Jadesymb (Teen Wolf, Avengers)
    • janesgravity (Merlin, Sherlock, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Borgias, and more)
    • janonny (Teen Wolf, Sherlock)



    • laconicisms (Avengers, Thor, Sherlock)
    • ladyblahblah (Teen Wolf, Star Trek, Captain America/The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes)
    • ladydeathfaerie (Marvel)
    • LadyFayte (XMFC, Avengers, Sherlock)
    • LadyLazarus (Teen Wolf)
    • Lancinate (Avengers, 21 Jump Street, Scrubs)
    • lantadyme (Homestuck)
    • lanyon (Greek Mythology, Fairytales, Kings, Political Animals, and more)
    • LapisLazuli (Sherlock, Skyfall, Harry Potter)
    • LaufeysonChild (Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers)
    • Laura (Supernatural, Teen Wolf)
    • Laylah (Homestuck)
    • Leaper (Glee, Quantum Leap, Columbo, Friday the 13th)
    • LemonScience33 (Sherlock, Star Trek, Farscape, Jurassic Park)
    • LFayth (Teen wolf, Supernatural, Star Trek, Once Upon a Time, and more)
    • Lici (Supernatural, Star Trek, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, and more)
    • lielabell (Big Time Rush, Chemical Garden Trilogy, Coupling, Dead Like Me, and more)
    • Liquid_Thought (Supernatural)
    • Lispet (Marvel. Sherlock, LotR, James Bond, and more)
    • listentotheink (One Direction, Harry Potter, Jonas Brothers)
    • LittleArtemis (FF7, FF12, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and more)
    • LokiBitch07 (Sherlock, Thor, Avengers)
    • Lorelei Lee (Sherlock, Cabin Pressure) *german only
    • lotherington (Sherlock, The History Boys, Harry Potter)
    • Lunavere (Sherlock, Suits, Skyfall)
    • Lunik (Thor, Journey into Mystery, Fairy tales, Discworld, and more)
    • Lynn Larsh (any - see post)
    • LyraNgalia (The Dresden Files, BBC Sherlock, Elementary, Harry Potter, and Battlestar Galactica, Crossovers)




    • often_adamanta (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Avengers)
    • ohladybegood (Harry Potter, Person of Interest, Spartacus, Avengers, and more)
    • onewithroses (Teen Wolf, Norse Folklore, Avengers, Harry Potter, and more)
    • orangezest100 (Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds)
    • OrphanText (Cabin Pressure, Sherlock)
    • Otter (Teen Wolf)
    • overthemoon (Sherlock, Teen Titans, Harry Potter, John Green’s books)
    • owlpockets (Supernatural, Avengers, Hobbit/LotR)





    • S&P Hostagefic (One Direction, BBC Radio 1 RPF, Crossovers)
    • Saathi1013 (Sherlock, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Tin Man, and more)
    • sadieb798 (BBC Sherlock, Inuyahsha)
    • SailorChibi (Sherlock BBC)
    • samalander (Avengers, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Community)
    • samyazaz (Merlin, Teen Wolf, Les Miserables, Vikings)
    • sapphy (Teen Wolf, My Chemical Romance, Supernatural, Deadpool, and more)
    • sariagrey (Sherlock, Torchwood)
    • Scarletsptember (Teen Wolf)
    • Scoffy (Harry Potter, Sherlock, Torchwood, Cabin Pressure, and more)
    • scout (Teen Wolf)
    • scraplove (The Hobbit/LotR, Avengers, DCU, Star Wars, and more)
    • scullyseviltwin (Sherlock)
    • Selenay (Marvel)
    • Shayvaalski (Sherlock, Young Wizards, Sandman, Tamora Pierce, and more)
    • Shenanygans (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Elementary, Lost Girl, and more)
    • Sherlocked (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, and more)
    • ShinySherlock (Sherlock, Firefly, Skyfall, Being Human, and more)
    • shoemaster (Hockey RPF, Toby Daye, The Americans, Elementary)
    • Sifl (Full Metal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Guren lagann, MONSTER, and more)
    • singsongsung (Gossip Girl)
    • Sinope (Avengers)
    • Siojo (Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, James Bond, and more)
    • Skadi (Avengers, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, The Hobbit/LotR, and more)
    • Skellerbvvt (Inception, Merlin, Suits, White Collar)
    • skyefullofstars (Sherlock)
    • Slytherinwholocker (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Bond, Hunger Games, and more)
    • smarshtastic (Supernatural, Avengers, Star Trek, Firefly, and more)
    • SmileDesu (Young Avengers, Young Justice)
    • snicklefritz (Avengers, Supernatural, Star Trek, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter)
    • SomeTorist (Avengers, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Skyfall)
    • Sonamae Moon (Supernatural, Homestuck, Teen Wolf, Merlin, and more)
    • Songlin (Sherlock, Good Omens, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter)
    • sparkysparky (Teen Wolf, XMFC, Glee, Harry Potter, Spartacus)
    • St_Germaine (The Hobbit, The Almighty Johnsons, Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, and more)
    • stardust_made (Sherlock Holmes - All, Supernatural, Crossovers)
    • starfleet (Teen Wolf, Star Trek, My Mad Fat Diary, Shameless, and more)
    • starsandgraces
    • Staying Put Would Be A Blunder (Teen Wolf)
    • sterektothemoonandback (Teen Wolf)
    • steviecass (Supernatural, Good Omens, How to Train Your Dragon)
    • StrangersLikeMe (Sherlock, The Hobbit, Avatar, Wreck-It Ralph, and more)
    • stravaganza (Sherlock, Harry Potter, Cabin Pressure, Kingdom Hearts, and more)
    • sungabraverday (The Hunger Games, Les Miserables, The History Boys, Vampire Academy, and more)
    • survivablyso (Teen Wolf, Narnia, Sandman, Doctor Who, and more)
    • Swedish_Furniture (Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Leverage, Avengers)
    • SwordOfRebecca (Dragon Quest 8, Tales of the Abyss, Avengers, Persona, and more)
    • Symbiotic Antithesis (Sherlock, Ouran High School Host Club, XMFC, Kingdom Hearts, and more)






    • xaandria (Harry Potter, Supernatural)
    • xsilverdreamsx (Merlin, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Kuroko no Basuke, and more)



    • Zelda148 (Cabin Pressure, Supernatural, Sherlock)
    • Zethsaire (Marvel, DC, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, and more)
    • Ziusura (Inception, Teen Wolf, Kingdom Hearts, and more)
    • Zosofi (Teen Wolf)