1. 17:06 4th Apr 2014

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    ohsweetcrepes said: Hi! Will you be doing another auction for AO3 in the future?

    hey! we’ve gotten a couple of messages about this. Moony and I are both at 221b con this weekend, so we will chat about this and have an answer soon!


  2. Have you checked out the collection of stories that came from the last auction? There are currently 137 stories in 74 fandoms. It’s phenomenal!

  3. 16:24 24th May 2013

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    These numbers are already a bit outdated (the Archive grows just that fast), but we wanted to share our record-breaking (get it? get it?) numbers from last week before heading for our next milestones:

    On Monday, we welcomed our 160,000th user, shortly followed by the 700,000th work uploaded to the Archive. On the weekend, we watched the official fandom count break the 12,000 mark.

    The same weekend, we had our busiest Sunday yet, with 5,250,000 page views. The whole week saw a new record traffic of 32,600,000 page views total. This means that in any given minute, 3,000-5,000 pages (works, tag lists, user profiles, custom search results…) are simultaneously assembled for users all over the world, on servers entirely paid for by fandom, and by code written and maintained entirely by unpaid volunteers.

    Thank you for making this possible!

    servers entirely paid for by fandom”

    Just a little reminder about what you fantastic people helped accomplish!

  4. 21:12 12th May 2013

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    emrysdean said: When are you guys gonna post the 'collection' (or whatever it's called) on AO3 for all the fics written for the auction?

    It’s already up!

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    s0mmerspr0ssen said: I saw your post about improving the auction as a whole, so I thought I'd contribute quickly. I unfortunately never even HEARD of your auction until I stumbled upon a fic on Ao3 for it, which made me sad in retrospect, I would have loved to help out. So, definitely improve INFORMING people. More advertisement? Make popular blogs blog about it more or something?! How about a newsletter one can sign up for sign-up dates and so on? Just an idea. :D I hope not to miss the next sign-up, definitely. :)

    Thanks! Honestly, we didn’t expect it to be bigger than, like, 20 people, so we didn’t think too much about promoting it ahead of time. Next time there will definitely be more info out ahead of time! Good idea about signing up for updates. We’ll look into that idea too.

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    Planning for next auction round

    We’re talking about when and how to best run this auction the next time, and we need some input from you, the authors and bidders!

    One of the changes we’re working on is a dedicated website which will include the following:

    • More streamlined sign up process
    • Email notifications for bidders: outbid notices, winning bid notices, etc.
    • Email notifications for authors: winning bid notices
    • Winning bid notices will have direct links to the OTW/AO3 Paypal account for payment
    • Ability to track auctions
    • Tagging by fandom
    • Search function

    We also have a survey we’d love you to fill out, whether you were an author or a bidder (winning or otherwise).

    This was successful beyond our wildest dreams, and we’d like to make it even better next time!

  7. 11:35 11th May 2013

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    bookemmcdanno said: are you going to do another one of these auctions? I would love to get involved as an author...

    Yes, we are! No firm plans as to when yet, but we’re currently putting together a website that will make the sign up and bidding process MUCH more streamlined and automated. :)

    Watch this space for more info!

  8. 19:04 9th May 2013

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    Yay I’m a helper

    As a member of OTW’s development & membership committee, can i just say how happy this makes me? SO HAPPY, YOU GUYS.

    I RAISED $20 FOR THIS WOO! XD It has been very fun to be a part of this community and to volunteer my services. 

    Look, you guys! <3 You all deserve some amazing recognition for this.

    And oh god, why did they have to quote my stupid comment about buying a car? XD

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  9. 22:08 7th May 2013

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    AO3 named to TIME’s ‘50 Best Websites 2013’ list


    Archive of Our Own among TIME magazine’s ‘50 Best Websites 2013’: http://bit.ly/15CDQcs #ao3 #otw #fanfiction #fanworks #fandom

    Just a reminder that what you all helped to support with this auction has the stamp of approval of some pretty serious media :D

  10. 19:43 5th May 2013

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    Heya! Still working on a final total of confirmed bids. There are quite a few authors we haven’t heard from. If you’re one of them, you should receive an email from us shortly asking for bid confirmations.

    As of right now, the confirmed bid total stands at $8,235, which is…

    You mad, crazy, beautiful bastards you.

    Confirmed bid total now at $13,648.

    Y’all raised and contributed THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to the OTW. I am amazed and I want to smooch each of you on the forehead.